VIRGINIA BEACH -- Residents in a Virginia Beach neighborhood are speaking out in the wake of a hit-and-run accident that left a child injured on Friday.

Police say the driver of the car left the scene on Club House Road after striking a young boy late Friday afternoon.

Residents tell 13News Now they're not surprised by the accident because drivers frequently speed down their street.

'I've lived here since '99 and it's been like this since '99,' Olga Reed said. 'I've seen them go as fast as 60 mph down this street. There's no reason.'

Reed said she thinks Friday's accident was a direct result of someone speeding.

'Yes, that's exactly it,' Reed said. 'I'm surprised nobody's been killed. I think that will be the next thing coming.'

Carol Keeb says the driver of a speeding car lost control of their vehicle and slammed into two cars parked in her driveway. Keeb's neighbor even had a car ram into his granddaughter's bedroom two years ago, she said.

Despite numerous accidents, residents say the city has been reluctant to do anything to slow drivers down.

'The city's come out here a couple of times, but they don't do anything about it,' Keeb said.

Reed is frustrated and said she doesn't let her grandchildren play in the front yard. She also said it's tough for kids to walk to the school bus because there isn't a sidewalk to protect children from speeding cars.

'I called the city about the speeding and even putting speed bumps in and they said they couldn't do that because it was a thru-way street, it was a main road,' Reed said.

Virginia Beach Traffic Engineer Bob Gey said he wasn't aware of any particular problem on Club House Road when 13News Now called him on Monday afternoon. After our call, though, he said he and his staff would see what could be done to curb the speeding drivers.

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