Snapchat is trying to make users feel a little safer online. This follows a breach by hackers earlier this week that revealed the phone numbers of users. Now Snapchat is launching a new version of its popular messaging app that lets users opt out of the 'find friends' feature. That option allows users to find friends by their phone numbers. That's also the feature hackers used to create a database of users names. According to Snapchat, no other information was compromised.

Something new may be coming to your breakfast table. New Cheerios are on their way to supermarkets right now. One of the best-known brands in America will no longer contain genetically- modified ingredients that are in its original Cheerios cereal. The oats used have never contained any genetically-modified organisms, but weeks ago the company began using pure cane sugar rather than beet sugar following pressure from consumers and activists groups. Some people have concerns over the use of GMOS, but there is little scientific proof they are safe.

General Motors says its new big SUVs will be nearly impossible to steal. The automaker is introducing several new high-tech anti-theft measures. At $60,000 and up, these vehicles have been top targets for thieves.

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