VIRGINIA BEACH -- Animal Control continue to investigate a series of animal cruelty in Ocean Lakes, after a cat was found severed in half over a week ago.

'It's very disturbing to know that somebody is doing this to cats in Ocean Lakes,' said Wayne Gilbert, a spokesperson for Virginia Beach Animal Control.

The latest deceased cat was found January 4th, near the corner of Purrington Court and Da Vinci Drive.

'The cat had been severed in two and the animal control officer found the front half of the cat, which included the head, the two front legs and the rib cage,' Gilbert said.

The senseless brutality brings back painful memories to Leo Osio.

'We need to do something about it,' Osio said.

13News Now spoke with him back in November when someone had decapitated his cat and left its head in the grass for neighbors to find.

Virginia Beach Police is also investigating a third case of animal cruelty in Ocean Lakes, that one back in September where another cat had been found split in half.

Animal Control officers believe all of them are connected.

Police are following several leads, but so far no arrests have been made.

'The best protection for any cat in any area, not just in Ocean Lakes, is to keep the cat at home,' Gilbert said.
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