UPDATE: 1/27: Howie Lind has withdrawn from the Virginia Senate race. 'I am withdrawing from the race for U.S. Senate. To be blunt, the financial resources to continue this campaign for a statewide office are not available since Ed Gillespie has joined the race.'
Shak Hill is still in the running for the GOP nomination.

ALEXANDRIA-Former White House aide Ed Gillespie wants to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate.

The former chairman of the Republican Partyannounced his candidacy for the GOP nominationThursday morning.

'I'm running for Senate because the American Dream is being undermined by policies that move us away from constitutional principles of limited government and personal liberty,' he wrote.

In an email, he also noted a big contrast with Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), saying he would have not have cast the deciding vote that made the Affordable Healthcare Act the law of the land.

In an email to supporters entitled 'Here we Go,' Sen. Warner acknowledged the challenge.

'It's official. As of this morning, we have a nationally known Republican opponent in our race. I'm eager to partner with you to make sure the best ideas, the ideas which move the country and the Commonwealth forward, will win-out in the coming months.'

In a statement issued later, Warner said, 'I am proud of my record of working across party lines to put Virginia and our nation first. Whether it is protecting our veterans and military families, putting forth a bold plan to fix our debt and deficit, or fighting for jobs in rural Virginia, I am committed to working tirelessly to help all Virginians. I look forward to putting my independent, bipartisan record up against whichever candidate the Republicans nominate at their convention in June.'

Warner has been in the Senate since 2009 and serves with fellow Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine to represent Virginia.

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