All eyes are on Wall Street after the Dow suffered its worst week in 17 months. The Dow opened below $16,000 this morning after a sharp sell-off late last week. This week, investors are keeping a close eye on earnings reports from major corporations. They're also watching the Federal Reserve meeting and economic problems in China.

Could Google be getting into the taxi business? Maybe. The company just received a patent for new technology that locates potential shoppers and then offers them a ride to a specific retail location.

If you're heading to the gas pump, there is some good news. Prices are down an average of 3.5 cents in the past two weeks. Nationally, the average price per gallon is $3.31 and in Virginia it's even less, $3.17.

Expect to pay more to mail a letter. Starting today, it will cost you three cents more. That makes it 49- cents to mail a letter and 34 cents for a postcard. Other postal rates are going up as well.

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