VIRGINIA BEACH-Having trouble sticking to that New Year's resolution to lose weight and improve your health? When it comes to diet and exercise many have a hard time rising to the challenge and sticking to it.

There's a diet, growing in popularity, that promises easy weight loss and drastically improved health. All you have to do is eliminate refined sugars, grains and dairy from your diet.

One doctor in Virginia Beach is such a believer in its effectiveness for both weight loss and improvement in cardio vascular health, he prescribes it for his patients and follows it himself.

'You know, just natural foods. Again, I think coming from how our DNA is made, that's the diet we should be eating,' explains family practitioner Dr. Brant Thomas.

Sounds good, but the plan isn't without controversy.

Tonight on 13NewsNow at 11 p.m., learn more about eating like a caveman and meet a woman who is living the Paleo lifestyle - right down to the homemade snacks she eats.

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