ELIZABETH CITY, NC -- Sections of North Carolina continue to be affected by the early week snow and sleet.

Officials from Elizabeth City, Camden and Pasquotank Counties declared a state of emergency for their region. Members of the North Carolina National Guard were called out to help transport hospital employees and others who may have been stranded because of the dangerous roads.

Staff Sergeant Michael Wilson described road conditions as varied, but hazardous throughout much of the region.

'In some areas it's worse than's still not good enough that I would want to go out unless I had to,' Wilson noted.

County and City officials met in the Emergency Operation Center in downtown Elizabeth City to monitor the road conditions and to keep tabs on residents who may need help.

'One person starts sliding you don't know what can happen,' Pasquotank County Manager Rodney Bunch said. 'We want people to stay off the roads.'

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