NORFOLK- The city of Norfolk has an ordinance that says a property owner must clear his/her side walk of snow three hours after the cessation of snow fall. If you are from somewhere with frequent snow, you may know this intuitively. However, in the transient world of Norfolk. Florida-native Blaine Eichner had no idea his own landlord was breaking the law. 'Our leasing company hasn't done anything. I had no idea.'

Meanwhile, across the road, Minnesota native, Andrew Moore, is asking for forgiveness. 'It's my fault for not getting out sooner.', Moore says

However, they are not strongly enforcing the policy. In an e-mail, city spokesperson Lori Crouch tells 13News Now 'we are not handing out tickets.' Crouch reports they're more worried about 'life-safety issues.'

Crouch also wants people to know that snow plowed streets do not mean that ice and packed snow will be gone. She says they're doing well for 48 hours after the storm, but did not specify whether they're on schedule for secondary road clearing.

Norfolk is not the only city with the three hour policy. Hampton's policy is the same. Newport News requires snow be cleared within 5 hours of the end of snowfall.Virginia Beach requires it within 6 hours. Portsmouth also requires you to remove snow, but does not have a specific deadline.

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