VIRGINIA BEACH- If you picked up your child's cell phone and read the messages, would you really understand them?

There's a good chance your children are using cyber slang -- and some are specific abbreviations to talk about sex and drugs.

'That's the problem. Kids are always evolving the slang, so it's hard to keep up. It's very difficult,' Jeri Prophet of Intellectechs in Virginia Beach says.

Police are concerned about sexual predators learning this language to get closer to children.

'When they research and they find that information, they may be using that for illegal purposes or to victimize our children,' Virginia Beach Police spokeswoman MPO Tonya Borman warns.

13News Now uncovered the newest terms your kids may be are using. Do you know what GNOC, kickback and 182 mean?

Learn the answers in our special report tonight on 13News Now at 11 p.m.

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