VIRGINIA BEACH -- After voters waited hours in line at congested polling places during the last presidential election, Virginia Beach is now recommending changes to the election day voting process.

In 2012, some polling centers stayed open until 11 p.m. to accommodate voters waiting in line.

The city auditor and general registrar will present some recommendations to City Council Tuesday to help solve congestion problems at Virginia Beach polling centers.

The purpose of the recent audit was to identity problems and ways to fix them.

Read the audit here

Some of the recommendations include:

  1. Splitting larger precincts to reduce the number of registered voters at a location.
  2. Informing voters, including newly registered voters, about ballot content to reduce the average time spent at the voting machine.
  3. Initiate a program to encourage more absentee voting.
  4. Allocate to each precinct the sufficient number of TSX voting machines in accordance with equitable distribution.

Virginia Beach has 94 precincts representing 291,507 registered voters.

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