SPOKANE, Wash. When we first heard there was a big pig auction, we thought it would probably be at the fairgrounds. But, in fact, a real-life pig might be the only pig not present at this weekend's auction.

Up for bid is perhaps the biggest pig collection in existence: from Pig Out in the Park posters to piggy banks and pig puzzles; plastic, pottery and carousel pigs; and pigs printed on paper and depicted on slides. It's all the collection of one Spokane man, the late Dan Clark, known to most people as 'The Pig Man.'

Clark had several extremely rare items, including an 1800s World's Fair paper mache, truffle-dispensing pig from France. He also had many, many multiples.

'Sometimes it's really cool to find one of something, like a sulfide marble from the 1800s that might have a pig in it,' I-90 Auctions owner and auctioneer Mike Ferguson said. 'We found a total of 17 laying around his house.'

Ferguson estimated somewhere around 20,000 pigs up for bid but admits that's likely an underestimation. Transporting the collection took the equivalent of a 53-foot semi truck.

Bidders and the public are welcome to do a walk-through to see the items up for bid on Friday from 12-6 p.m. Saturday's live auction will have national participation online. Sunday's auction is reserved for locals only. Both begin at 10 a.m. at the I-90 Auction House (at the Medical Lake exit).

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