NORFOLK -- A man is recovering after being shot early Monday -- the eighth person shot in the city in 10 days.

Police found the victim at a home in the 300 block of Walker Avenue around 1 a.m. They got him to the hospital for treatment of injuries that are not life threatening, according to investigators.

Authorities haven't said whether the man lives at the home or whether they have any suspects.

On Sunday, a man was wounded at the Masonic Lodge on E. Princess Anne Road; on Saturday, a fight ended when shots rang out on Manson Street.

Most of the violence has taken place in the Huntersville area, where five people were shot. Two children were struck by stray bullets and and 18-year-old Tyquisha Craig was killed.

The other three shootings happened in Berkley and E. Little Creek Rd area.

Norfolk Council last week was briefed on efforts to prevent gun-related crime. According to memo posted on the City Web site, since December 2012, efforts include increased patrols in Hunterville area and public housing areas. It also states 119 handguns have been removed from the streets in the First Patrol area through arrests in 'hot spot' areas.

Police Chief Michael Goldsmith explained they have increased patrols, including bike sweeps and added gang and fugitive investigators.

Vice Mayor Angelia Williams would like to start a gun amnesty program in the city, where people could turn in their guns for money.

'Leave it at the police station, wipe it off, no questions asked - whatever it takes,' Williams said.

Normally police send the guns to state crime labs to determine if the firearms were used in a crime. According to state law, cities must adopt an ordinance to buy back guns.

'We need to start communication with the Feds, and implement a plan to get guns off the street,' council member Andy Protogyrou said in support.

While the city doesn't have a gun amnesty program, officers have seized 119 handguns through arrests in the Huntersville area since December 2012.

Additionally, Council member Paul Riddick said lighting is a concern in Tidewater Park.

'Because of the poor lighting over there, police officers had a hard time responding to where the two youngsters were shot,' Riddick said.

In response, Mayor Paul Fraim asked the city manager to immediately add more lighting on Charlotte Street, St. Paul's Blvd., and Tidewater Park.

Norfolk shootings:
Friday, March 21: Gregory Street/Widgeon Road- Man wounded
Saturday, March 22: 1300 East Princess Anne Road- Man wounded
Saturday, March 22: 900 Virginia Beach Boulevard- Man wounded
Sunday, March 23: 1000 St. Julian Street-16-year-old wounded; Tyquisha Craig killed
Saturday, March 29: 1500 block of Manson St.-man wounded; suspect identified
Sunday, March 30: 1516 East Princess Anne Road-man wounded
Monday, March 31: 1300 block of Walker Ave.-man wounded

No arrests have been made in any of the cases. Anyone with information can call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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