Ford is the latest automaker to issue a recall. 386,000 Escape SUVs from 2001 through 2004 model years are being recalled and only applies to vehicles bought or registered in cold weather states and Washington, DC where salt, which corrodes metal, is used to de-ice roads. That rock salt can rust the metal frames and cause possible steering problems. That recall does apply to Virginia.

The Navy is working on software to remotely pilot a helicopter. The chopper is controlled by someone with a smart pad. No word on when technology will replace human pilots.

An Israeli company may have the answer to your cell phone battery problems. It's a new charger that can fully charge your cell phone in just 30 seconds! But here's the bad news. The device is at least two years away from hitting the market.

Today is 'free cone day' at Ben & Jerry's stores. It's the company's way of saying thank you to customers who support the stores all year long. It starts at noon today and goes until 8pm at participating locations. Check out the link to find one near you.

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