HOUSTON -- A baby girl, believed to be 5 months old, was dropped off at a fire station in Houston, Texas by a woman who said she was the babysitter.

According to that woman, she and another woman offered to watch the child after noticing the mother would leave the baby alone in the motel where they were living.

The women watched the child overnight, but the mother never came back.

Alysha decided to be safe and drop the baby of at Houston Fire Station #35 in the 5500 block of Van Fleet.

'She hasn't called, hasn't tried to find out where her baby is,' said Alysha. 'Pretty much bringing her here was the last resort because we don't know where she belongs.'

Alysha admitted that the firefighters were surprised when she walked in the door.

'Well, they were like a little bit shocked,' said Alysha. 'They were more than willing to help and they jumped right into action.'

CPS had no luck finding the baby's mother. They're hoping that TV coverage will bring the mother forward.

There will be an emergency custody hearing for Lily on Tuesday.

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