LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- A visit to see an audiologist turned Tuesday into a special moment for one Louisville family.

Akilah and Brad Elander's 10-month-old baby girl heard their voices for the first time.

'I love you,' were the first words Akilah said to her daughter.

'It means a lot for her to be able to hear it even though she might not know what it means,' Akilah said as she held back tears.

Addison Elander was born profoundly deaf, but after the diagnosis her parents turned denial into determination.

After searching for options, the Elanders decided to pursue Cochlear implants for Addison, getting the procedure done before she turned one. The procedure typically happens when patients are at least one.

'We just wanted her to have a fair shake at life so why wait?' Akilah said.

The Elanders invited WFAA's sister station WHAS11 along for this magical moment to raise awareness among the hearing impaired community. Akilah said she wanted parents to know about different options.

Addison's parents decided to have both Cochlear implants done at the same time to avoid a lengthy and traumatic healing process.

The moment Addison's implants were turned on, she simply looked around the room and eventually started to cry.

'You see so many videos on YouTube and stuff about babies that laugh and think it's funny and of course that's what you hope for, but that's just a Disney moment I was happy to hear her cry,' Akilah said.

Now that the implants are turned on, the Elanders said they are looking forward to Addison getting to play with noisy toys and to keep up with her talkative big sister.

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