NEWPORT NEWS -- Overtime has been approved by the Newport News Poilce Department to fight crime in the city's hotspots in the Southeast community.

Poilce have noticed a recent spike in violent crimes in the Southeast neighborhood. Authorities say some of the recent spikes in violent crimes has been linked to gangs.

'If the gang guys want to shoot at each other and kill each other I guess we have to accept that, but when innocent people are involved, that's not how we do business in Newport News,' said Captain Keith Hartman.

The city's latest homicide happened in broad daylight when Clinton Jackson was shot in his car. Jackson was a 79-year-old grandfather and church deacon. He was murdered after he was shot while driving his car along 33rd Street.

Although police plan to beef up their patrols, some residents like Reverend Darnell Lang would like to see the city pass laws that will give police more authority to stop and check people. He also believes the city should pass a 'keep it moving' ordinance, a law to crack down on loiterers especially near convenience stores.

'You see if you make it difficult for a criminal he can't operate. You got to make it difficult for them. If he can't get together with his boys, he can't operate,' Lang said.

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