PORTSMOUTH -- A deadly drug called 25i-NBOMe is becoming popular at parties with young people in Hampton Roads, according to police.

The use of a synthetic form of LSD is on the rise and is responsible for 19 deaths nationwide. According to the DEA, the victims were young people between 15 and 29 years old.

It claimed the life of Susan Wadworth's 18-year-old son, Noah. He was with friends when he tried it for the first time. It would be his last.

'Noah had a bad reaction right away. The guy said 'I've seen this before, he had a bad hit, he just needs some air.' Then my son died in the back seat of his car,' she said.

13News Now at 6 p.m. investigates where police say youngsters in Hampton Roads are getting this drug and an unusual way teens are taking 25i to get high.

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