HAMPTON -- Arnise Scott was only 15 years old and a sophomore at Bethel High School in Hampton when she tragically died Tuesday.

The young student played varsity soccer for her school and wanted to attend University of North Carolina and become a doctor one day.

Her parents said about two weeks ago she was injured in a game.

'[She] got kicked in the head by a girl from Phoebus; kicked her and she hit her in the head and her head hit the pole the back thing.' Arnise's father said. 'She told me about it after the game.'

The family said although their daughter had no significant signs of an injury, they later learned their daughter had a mild concussion.

Her father said a surgeon told him, 'she had an aneurysm that was already there that might have caused a tear...'

The student was rushed to the hospital late Sunday night after Arnise began screaming and complaining her head hurt. She was later placed in induced coma. She died Tuesday when she was taken off life-support.

Funeral services are planned for this weekend, but in the meantime grief counselors will be available at Bethel High School for students who need them.

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