HAMPTON -- Back in 2005, Robyn Pickeral had to bury her 16-year-old son David who was a soccer for Bethel High School.

Heremotions came back in full force this week following the death of another Bethel soccer player.

Pickeral says her son David was a goal keeper and was hit in the chest by another player. The injury was so severe thatDavid died instantly on the field.

Dr. Patrick O'Connell with the Virginia Insitute for Sports Medicine says soccer injuries are second only to football in thenumber of patients he sees.

'Soccer can be just as dangerous because of head activity. If you're hitting a soccer ball - or if two people are hitting asoccer ball - their heads could hit.'

However, Dr. O'Connell says the likelihood of someone suffering an anuerysm from a concussion is very unlikely.

He says if a child suffers a concussion, parents need to make sure they rest immediately.

'We want to get them out of competeiton right away.'

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