Dear Roze:

I know you were in law enforcement, so I want to share something that just happened. I hope you will share it with your readership. I'm a retired state law enforcement agent. I was getting a haircut at a local barber shop. There were quite a few people there, including a young uniformed officer. He was talking real loud while he was getting his hair cut and every single sentence out of his mouth was f-this and f-that. I was upset from the get-go by his language, but I didn't know he was a cop until the barber removed his smock and I saw his uniform. When I learned he was a cop, I was even more disgusted and embarrassed for not only his department but all of law enforcement. I thought about following him outside and letting him know my background and suggesting he watch his language, but I could tell by his swagger and overall attitude, he would not have taken it well. Some might say I should have called his department, but that's not something I would feel comfortable doing. This young officer is an embarrassment to the law enforcement profession. He, like all officers, is supposed to be a role model, especially when he is in uniform.

Disgusted and embarrassed by officer's foul language

Dear Disgusted and embarrassed by officer's foul language:

I would have been as appalled and ashamed by this officer's behavior as you were. I, too, believe the law enforcement profession has a reputation to uphold. This guy's unprofessional behavior tarnishes the badge of everyone who wears one and those of us who have worn one. Such foul language is never appropriate in any setting.

This incident also serves as an excellent reminder of the notion we always represent our employers whether or not we are on the clock. It also reinforces the fact we never know who may be in earshot of our conversations and who someone may know and/or be associated with.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

copyright 2014 Rozanne R. Worrell

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