PORTSMOUTH -- Olde Towne Portsmouth residents are cleaning up the mess caused by flooding Friday morning.

During the morning downpour, water flooded some businesses along High Street.

Business owners and neighbors tell 13 News Now something needs to be done about the drainage system in the neighborhood.

'The system that we have in this area is old, so when [rain] happens, you can guarantee that for the next two or three days you're going to have problems with the plumbing,' Star Struck Style Salon owner Amii Creekmur said.

Creekmur had several clients cancel appointments because they couldn't make it through flooded streets. She spent the morning trying to clean water and debris from inside her salon.

'I had two inches of water all the way up to the door,' Creekmur said. 'And inside of my building, this happens often.'

The problem was exacerbated after cars driving through flooded areas created wakes in the street.

Flood waters also caused trash cans to overturn along Dinwiddie Street.

Debris and garbage scattered throughout the street and into people's yards.

As the water began to recede, residents were hosing down walkways and picking up trash along the street.

'Pretty much whenever it rains hard, it's flood,' resident John Kleps said. 'It's pretty bad out here.'

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