VIRGINIA BEACH -- A case of road rage became physical in Virginia Beach last week.

Ainah Jao said she was on her way home from work when somebody slammed into the passenger side of her car on Independence Boulevard.

That's when she got out to take a look at the damage and noticed the other driver.

'I was freaking out. I'm thinking she's going to get out her car to apologize. Say 'I'm sorry I hit you,'' said Jao.

Instead, Jao said the other driver began screaming and then punched her in the face.

'I guess she didn't like what I was saying with explaining to her the roadways. She just started hitting me. She punched me in the face. And that's when we starting fighting on the street. I'm trying to defend myself. Why is she punching me and why is she getting mad over all of this?' said Jao.

Witnesses helped pull the woman off of Jao and she fled the scene.

'Next thing I know, I turn around and she's running to her car and fled the scene. The witnesses were saying to go to the hospital. I need to go to the hospital. And then I looked at myself in the window and my eye was just huge,' said Jao.

Jao's eye was swollen shut when she arrived at the hospital. She said she never thought something like this would happen.

Police later arrested 27-year-old Kelly M. Leitzke of Virginia Beach.

Jao said she is relieved the person behind the crime was caught.

'I just hope that she stays in jail or locked up for the safety of everybody else,' said Jao.

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