NORFOLK, VA -- Memorial Day weekend was more than a time to honor our military and enjoy some springtime celebrating. It also provided an opportunity for parents to help ensure their childrens' safety.

The Norfolk Police Department, along with Sheriff's Deputy volunteers and the Fraternal Order of Police, set up shop outside Target on North Military Highway. The idea was to get children's vital statistics on record in the event of a tragedy or a seperation.

Julie Dye was there with her two young sons Ronan and Decklan.

'Especially with the fact that my husband and I are both active duty military, relatives may have to take care of our kids, so having them with their information on file would really help,' said Dye - a military parent.

Just this week, a Blair Middle School student has gone missing and her mother is frantically getting the word out to find young CiCi.

'Oh it happens all the time and it's one of the worst calls a policeman gets. They hate a missing child call because you never know what's going to happen,' said Garth James with FOPAlliance 3.

Height and weight and fingerprints are all recorded. This program is sponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. And this Child I-D kit also asks parents to go online and create an action plan - much like the one mother we spoke with already has in place.

'They know if something happens at home if something happens to me or my partne,r that they call 9-1-1,' said parent Sherri Niedholdt. 'They already know the number and know what to say. They stay on the phone. So in emergency situaitons they know what to do,' she told us.

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