The calendar says it's mid-June. Normally, highs should be in the lower to mid 80s. Ah yes, festival season in Hampton Roads, the time of year which serves as a nice introduction to summer. But when you step outside this afternoon, you'll jump into mid to late summer. The 'dog days' with high in the lower to mid 90s, hazy... hot... and humid.

An area of higher pressure known as the 'Bermuda High' to our southeast and a storm system in the Midwest are combining to park a thermal ridge (a.k.a. a push of warm air or a heat wave) over the eastern United States.

Temperatures will be even hotter tomorrow when highs are in the mid to upper 90s.

Skies will be mostly sunny, but with this summertime pattern, come chances for late afternoon and evening pop-up showers and storms.

High temperatures will remain in the lower 90s Friday, and near 90 this weekend. Scattered showers and storms are more likely Thursday through the weekend.

In the meantime, try to take breaks from the heat. Find some A/C, stay hydrated, and wear light-colored loose-fitting clothing.

It is a good idea to limit strenuous outdoor activity (for kids too!) during the peak heating of the day. Check on your elderly neighbors, and don't forget to provide fresh cool water and breaks from the heat for your pets too!

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