VIRGINIA BEACH - A man arrested in June, 2013 for causing a fatal accident while legally intoxicated has been sentenced.

According to a news release from Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Atorney Colin Stolle, 41 year-old Jason Seth Sergent was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Edward W. Hanson Jr. for charges of Aggravated Involuntary Manslaughter and DUI-BAC .15-.20 while Transporting a Child.

Sergent, who pled guilty in Octpber, 2013, was sentenced to 20 years and 10 months in the Department of Corrections, with 11 years suspended, leaving 9 years and 10 months to serve. Judge Hanson also imposed a fine of $1,000. The release said the sentence was 2 years above the high-end of the Virginia State Sentencing Guidelines.

Sergent was driving a 2003 Toyota pickup truck South in the 2200 block of Princess Anne Road on June 8, 2013 with his 5 year-old son in the back seat when the vehicle drifted off the road to the right. Sergent apparently tried to recover, over-corrected and crossed into oncoming traffic in the Northbound lane.

Police say the Toyota truck then struck a 2000 Ford Taurus causing the Taurus to spin. It came to rest in the intersection of Princess Anne Road and Three Oaks Drive. Seconds after the impact with the Ford Taurus, the Toyota truck was subsequently struck by a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle.

The driver of 2000 Ford Taurus was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died. Police have identified him as 84 year-old John William Hutchison of the 2000 block of Salem Road in Virginia Beach.

Hutchison's wife was his passenger in the 2000 Ford Taurus. She and the driver of the 2000 Volkswagen Beetle were transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Neither Sergent nor his son was injured.

According to police reports, when they arrived at the scene, they 'noticed that Sergent had a strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech, and was swaying and stumbling.' They said he could not provide his driver's license to the officers and failed all three attempted field sobriety tests.

Sergent reportedly told the officers he drank two beers; however, two (2) open 24-ounce Icehouse beers and eight (8) additional empty beer cans were found in the car. They said his Blood Alchohol Content was .19.

Investigators also found video of Sergent purchasing beers from multiple 7-Eleven stores throughout the day.

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