DALLAS-- Fire crews are investigating the cause of a major house fire in Southeast Dallas which killed more than 50 animals and injured two people.

It broke out Tuesday at about 4 a.m. in the 400 block of Grandview Avenue near Santa Fe Avenue and Abrams Road. Investigators believe the fire began from an electrical short of a window-mounted air conditioning unit.

First responders say they rescued a husband and wife from inside.They were taken to a local hospital with burns and smoke inhalation.

The fire department says a total of 53 dogs were killed in the fire. At least ten more were rescued and are being treated elsewhere.

'It is unknown why so many dogs were in one home, but reportedly there were more than 70,' said Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans. 'While an unspecified number of them were pulled from the home alive, given some measure of treatment and turned over to animal control, it was not known if they'd live.'

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