More recalls for General Motors. The latest involves more than 7.5 million vehicles. This brings the total number of GM vehicles recalled in North America this year to nearly 29 million. GM is under a federal regulatory microscope because of the recalls which are linked to 13 deaths. This latest recall is also connected to faulty ignition switches.

You've heard of a mood ring, right? Well, British Airways is using cutting edge technology to monitor your in-flight emotions and it's basically like a 'mood blanket.' The airline asked passengers to wear a headset with Bluetooth and a special blanket with fiber optics woven in. The blanket would turn red or blue depending on the flier's mood.

So how much would you pay for a phone specifically designed to protect privacy? Well, the first one is on it's way. The super-secure 'Blackphone' began shipping yesterday and are you ready for the price tag? That extra privacy is going to cost you $629.

Speaking of smartphones, a new study shows just how important Americans think they are to their lives. 47 percent say they wouldn't last 24-hours without their phones. And 91 percent claim their smartphone is just as important as their car or deodorant!
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