T-mobile has been hit with a federal lawsuit. The Federal Trade Commission is accusing the carrier of adding bogus charges to customers accounts that totaled hundreds of millions of dollars. T-mobile allegedly allowed third-party companies to charge account holders without authorization and it was difficult for customers to detect the charges. The carrier stopped billing for these services last year and began a program to refund customers who felt they were charged for something they didn't want.

Graco is expanding it's car seat recall. It's now adding nearly 2 million 'infant' car seats to the recall because the buckles can become gummed up by food and drinks. The company had previously recalled more than 4 million 'toddler' seats for the same problem. Graco will replace the buckles for free, even for seats not on the recall list.

A down-sized version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S5 goes on sale later this month starting in Russia! The popular smartphone has a smaller screen, slower processor and the camera is not as good as the regular S5, but the price is lower.

When it comes to televisions it seems we're not downsizing. Instead, we are super-sizing. Many Americans are replacing their 50-inch TVs with 65-inch models or even bigger. Sales of these larger televisions are up 50 percent in the past year, but the overall TV market is actually slumping.
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