DARE COUNTY -- Although officials cautioned Hurricane Arthur could cause widespread and significant oceanside and soundside flooding throughout the northern part of the county, by the time the storm made its way up the Outer Banks only a few areas saw large amounts of flooding.

'This is the worst,' said Heidi Adams late Friday morning as she waited to take the causeway from Nags Head to Manteo. 'We watched the video from earlier and it's the worst we've seen.'

Police and sheriff's deputies blocked the roadway because of the volume of water surging across it. Once the water receded, huge pieces of debris, including boulders were on part of its surface. Crews cleared the road with heavy equipment so it could reopen.

Barry Sawyer and his family were there around the time the traffic started moving again. They were doing their own clearing, retrieving items from his wife's family's business.

'They have a lot of driftwood here, this gift shop, and a lot of it washed into the road, and we were picking it up, all we could salvage, and putting back in the driftwood pen,' explained Sawyer.

Downtown Manteo had a large amount of water running into its streets Friday morning.

'Just cleaning up, rinsing everything off, getting salt off everything,' restaurant owner Marcelo Ortega told 13News Now.

Several businesses had anywhere from six to 12 inches of water inside them.

'The community comes together like you couldn't imagine,' said Ortega. 'It's neighbors. You got friends. You got family helping other neighbors. It really makes you appreciate living in a small town.'

Water also made its way into a campground along Colington Road.

'It looked like a river in here. It was flowing across pretty hard,' camper owner Julie Holland said.

Holland and other people, including Randi Foster, evacuated Thursday night.

'We just didn't know how secure it would be, you know, whether we'd rock too much, or you know, safe ground,' Foster explained. 'We were here when Irene, too, so we lost our entire trailer then. It was not really salvageable. Everything in it got wet. At least this only came up to, like, the second step, so it wasn't as bad. It was a blessing.'

'Little wind left over, but hopefully tomorrow will be good and Sunday's supposed to be beautiful, so maybe we can salvage a good weekend for the holiday weekend.'

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