NORFOLK -- The Battleship Wisconsin has a storied history. She carried 2,500 sailors at the peak of World War Two.

Some 250,000 visitors come aboard each year to walk the teak decks, check out the 16-inch guns and hear the stories.

The guides were giving me a rundown of the interior tour and sharing their thoughts on this job.

'And then I just thought it might be something I would like to do. I like to give out information. I like to tell people a little bit about the place where I am volunteering. So, that's why I do it,' said tour guide Michael Bolds.

The group I was with visited the Combat Engagement Center with all its whistles and bells. You have to have good information when conducting these tours.

'Some come with a naval background. We have some volunteers that are actually full time navy right now. They are pretty quick. Some have no military background, takes them a little bit longer,' said volunteer coordinator Frank Larkin.

I was passing out hard hats,leading the way down passageways, and passing along factoids in the Admirals cabin.

The USS Wisconsin is floating history in our own backyard.

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