12/11 UPDATE:

A tweet from the City of Hampton on December 10 said "Police Chief Sult tells council that change to 12-hour shifts has resulted in more officers on the street and faster response times."


HAMPTON -- The Hampton Police Division is about to undergo a major shift change.

Starting Saturday, patrol officers will start working 12-hour shifts.

Police Chief Terry Sult told 13 News Now, 'I want my officers to be pro-active instead of re-active.' Working longer shifts will give officers who work the streets time to get to know neighborhoods, build up trust and figure out who the good guys and bad guys are.'

Police spokesman Jason Price claims the shift change will be good for neighborhoods and a morale booster for officers.

'Right now, our officers have a weekend off every six weeks. Working a 12-hour shift, they're going to have a three-day weekend off every other week.

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