JERUSALEM (USA Today) Israel claimed Thursday that Hamas is firing a rocket into its territory at a rate of about every ten minutes.

Israel's military arrived at the figured based on its claims that Hamas has fired 365 rockets at Israel in less than 3 days.

That assessment comes as Israel dramatically escalated its aerial assault in Gaza for a third day on Thursday, hitting hundreds of Hamas targets as its missile defense system Iron Dome once again intercepted rockets.

Military spokesman Peter Lerner said Thursday that Israel struck more than 300 Hamas targets overnight, focusing on underground tunnel networks and rocket launching sites. That brought the total number of targets hit to 750.

The military said it struck a car in Gaza carrying three Islamic Jihad militants involved in firing rockets, raising the Palestinian death toll to at least 75. At least 20 civilians have been among the 75 deaths, according to Gaza's health ministry.

A BBC report citing unidentified Palestinian sources said that among those killed in Gaza on Wednesday were five men sitting in a beach side cafe watching the World Cup.

Israel has not reported any deaths of its citizens since both sides intensified their aerial campaigns this week.

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