CHESAPEAKE -- The Chesapeake Police Department is starting a new initiative to decrease crime and increase traffic safety.

It's called Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety, also known as DDACTS.

The year long initiative uses statistics to identify areas in the city where both crashes and crime were higher than normal.

Police will be conducting high visibility patrols and traffic stops in certain areas. One area in particular, which includes the commercial areas of Greenbrier and the hotel district of Woodlake Drive, will be a major focus.

After a year of enforcement, the data will be reviewed to see if target goals have been met.

Police hope to see a 10 percent increase in DUI arrests, a five percent increase in drug arrests, a five percent reduction in robberies, a 10 percent reduction in larcenies from motor vehicles, a five percent reduction in commercial burglaries and a 10 percent reduction in crashes.

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