Results of the latest crash tests for small cars are out and only one of 12 vehicles received a 'good' rating. The four-door Mini Cooper Countryman earned the 'good' rating from the Insurances Institute for Highway Safety. In its latest round of front-end crash testing, the Chevy Volt earned an 'acceptable' rating. Its rival, the Nissan Leaf, got a 'poor' rating. The Mazda-5 was among the worst performers in the tests. Its side air bags didn't deploy and the driver's side door unlatched during the test.

Stanford researchers say they've discovered a battery they think everyone is going to want. Their invention is a pure lithium battery that could last four times longer than current batteries. That could mean more power for everything from smart phones to electric cars.

It's a sweet treat with a history that dates back to ancient Greece. Yep, we're talking about cheesecake. Did you know that today is 'National Cheesecake Day'? Want to celebrate? Some chain restaurants and local ones are offering free or discounted deals on the tasty dessert. Yes, that does include the Cheesecake Factory.
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