NORFOLK -- Although rainy weather forced the '31 Heroes' workout warriors indoors at Crossfit 757 on 22nd Street in Norfolk, the weather couldn't dampen their spirits.

The idea is for teams to compete in a 31 minute intense workout to honor the 30 soldiers and one dog who perished in Afghanistan when their helicopter went down, August 6th 2011.

'Everyone pays 31 dollars to come out and do the workout. That money is colected to support organizations and programs that support families of the fallen,' said event co-ordinator Amanda Justus

At Town Point Park, runners were taking part in 'Joggin' For Frogmen.' It's for the same cause - just at a different venue. And as these folks were running, there was also a Harley Ride at the Beach and events at Crossfits across the country, as well as military bases around the world. Last year, $1 mil. was raised.

'They're all tied in together and remembering the 31 heroes that were taken from this community very specifically, said James Brobyn. 'But really, we're honoring all our fallen warriors.'

Brobyn works for the Travis Manion Foundation.

'You know it's not a Republican, Democrat, black or white, or any of that kind of issue. It's an American issue,' added Brobyn

It's a great effort for a great cause.

'So whether you're a crossfitter or not. You know whether you're in the service or you simply support the military, it's days like this that we all kind of see that it's a small world and there's something that unites us as a country,' said participant Matt Lukevics

Even ABC13's Vanessa Coria lent her support.

'I felt like being involved in this and any other fundraising event that can help our military families, I'm in, because they're that important to our community - they're that important to our country - they're that important to our freedom,' concluded Coria.

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