If you have plans to take a flight, get set to pay more. Airfares continue to climb. In the first half of the year, the price for an average round-trip ticket within the US is up $14 from last year. Domestic airfares are outpacing inflation, rising 10.7-percent in the past five years. So what's leading to those higher fares? It seems there are fewer seats and more people who wantto travel.

P.F. Chang's says the data breach that was discovered in June affected 33 restaurants in 16 states, including Virginia and North Carolina. It's believed that an intruder may have stolen card numbers and possibly names and expiration dates from cards during an 8-month period.

So who's the highest paid actress in Hollywood? That would be Sandra Bullock. She made $51-million ast year. Jennifer Lawrence is second with $34 million and Jennifer Aniston made $31 million last year. putting her in third place.

Now to some women who are making an impact in the world of toys. Lego has sold out of its new playset that features three female scientists. The 'Research Institute' was the company's answer to a seven-year-old girl's letter, which criticized Lego for its lack of sets that include professional women.

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