The Post Office continues to face loses.Despite an increase in revenue for nearly all of the postal service's products, the agency is losing money -- mainly because of increased operating costs. The U.S. postal service lost $2 billion in the last quarter. That's almost three time the amount from the same period a year ago.

Amazon is getting into mobile payments today, launching its own credit card reader that costs just $10. Amazon's readers connect to a smartphone, allowing individuals and companies to accept payments through a credit card.

A new motorcycle helmet is going to help riders see what's behind them and they won't even have to turn their heads. The 'Skully AR 1' provides a live feed from the built-in, 180-degree, rear view camera. The view comes with a cost, about $1500, and the camera won't be available until next year.

If you like Burger King's chicken fries, good news, they're back! They were dropped from the menu two years ago because of slow sales. But a social media campaign helped to bring them back.

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