Investor Warren Buffett hits a milestone. Class A shares of his Berkshire Hathaway opened this morning above 200,000. That's a new all-time high. Berkshire has long had the most expensive U.S. stock. The company's interests run across many key sectors of the economy -- from Coca-Cola to railroads.

General Electric confirms that it is in talks to sell its appliances business. It's the division that's been putting refrigerators, washer-dryer's and toasters in homes since the early 1900s.

Feeling stressed ? You might want to check out this new hi-tech accessory. It's a headband that aims to make you calmer.The 'Muse' monitors your brain waves while guiding you through a series of exercises that will encourage you to manage your stress and stay focused.

Oscar winner Tom Hanks can now add another title to his resume -- app developer.

The actor just released an app called 'Hanx,' which turns your iPad into an old typewriter.
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