Bank of America has agreed to pay a nearly $17 billion settlement. It's in response to federal and state allegations that the bank sold risky mortgage-backed securities to investors that helped lead to the financial crisis. This is the largest settlement in history between the federal government and a single company. The deal would see billions going to the Department of Justice, several states; some would also go to reduce mortgage payments for struggling homeowners.

UPS is warning that some of its customers' credit and debit information may have been exposed by a computer virus. But the company says it is not aware of any fraud related to the attack. The only location in Virginia is Charlottesville; there are four in North Carolina -- in Durham, Matthews, Spindale and Clyde.

After 84 years, Hostess Brand announced that this October it will close the Illinois bakery where Twinkies were invented. The company blames a drop in demand for Twinkies. Workers there say they've been working overtime. The company will offer a severance package and job placement services to the almost 400 employees affected.

It seems the tooth fairy is tightening her purse string. The average price for a tooth these days is $3.40. That's 30 cents less than a year ago, which comes out to about an 8% decrease.
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