NORFOLK -- A brand new furnace was installed at a home in Norfolk Monday at no charge to the residents.

It is a unique partnership between STOP, or Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project and Virginia Natural Gas.

STOPhas been doing this kind of work for years but this marks the first year that Virginia Natural Gas has partnered with them.

'This is a way for them to prevent their bills from getting high in the first place not to mention the environmental impacts on air quality and climate change and others if we can reduce that carbon as well by lowering their emisions,' said Cathie France with Virginia Natural Gas.

STOP has secured money from the stimulus program to help finance this weatherization project.

Virginia Natural Gas says it wants to supplement those dollars and be there when the money runs out.

Through their Energy Smart program, Virginia Natural Gas can reduce monthly energy costs to low income residents and in this case they donated free programmable thermostats with the brand new furnace.

There are a lot of tips we can all learn from this program.

'Caulking and weatherstripping and sealing up your windows and doors and socket sealers and there are many things that you can do,' said Christy Morton of Virginia Natural Gas.

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