CHESAPEAKE -- AChesapeake manbitten by hismonkey for the second time in two weeks is out of surgery.

Animal Control, police, and paramedicswere called to the home of 60-year-old Joseph 'Babe'Hamric about 10:00 p.m. Monday.

Just before going into surgery, Joseph 'Babe' Hamric told his brother he's had it with Noah.

The 7-year-old capuchin monkey went berserk Monday night just after Hamric fed him pork chops, said Hamric's brother, Bill.

'The monkey just attacked him,' he said.

Noah, a certified service animal who comfort's his owner's post-traumatic stress, tore into Hamric's hamstrings and bit his left hand, biting off his pinky.

Hamric wrestled the monkey to the ground and knocked him unconscious before getting him back into his cage, Bill Hamric said.

After being attacked March 17, Joseph Hamric said it would kill him if animal control officers took Noah away.

Now, he's ready to either 'put Noah down or give him away,' Bill Hamric said.

Police say the monkey was put back in his cage at Hamric's home Monday night and Animal Control will follow up on the incident Tuesday.

Hamric's Capuchin monkey bit him onboth hands March 17.Hamric said that incident happened because he had stepped on the monkey's tail.

According to officers,Hamrichas owned the monkey for several years and has a local exotic animal permit for the animal.

13News learned that Chesapeake Police had responded to bite calls at Hamric's home twice before the March incidents -- in June 2006 and September 2008 - for reports of a bite to 'non-owner.'

The report does not say whether police filed any charges as a result of any investigation.

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