NORFOLK -- The crew of USS Bataan is nearly home and it's been an eventful deployment.

The amphibious assault ship left Norfolk in January on a humanitarian mission justtwo days after an earthquake devasted Haiti.

They found survivors who didn't speak English and learned to communicate by drawing pictures.

Soon, US military personnel who knew the language were on scene and helped the recovery effort.

Helicopters and LCACs operating from Bataan transported nearly 1,000 pallets of relief supplies, medically evacuated 97 patients to Bataan andprovided transport for another 524 Haitian patients to and from USNS Comfort, USS Carl Vinson and hospitals throughout Port-au-Prince.

A baby was even born aboard ship and the crew adopted his hometown and helped make is safe and livable for its residents.

After spending 10 weeks in Haiti, the crew left to take partin Operation Unified Response.

Right now, Bataan is docked at Morehead City, N.C., offloading its Marines and supplies.

The ship is due home Saturday.

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