NORFOLK -- A federal judge's ruling to stop the Pentagon from enforcing 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' has candidates in the race for Virginia's second congressional seat talking.

Incumbent Democrat Glenn Nye, Republican Scott Rigell, and Independent Kenny Golden all think the Pentagon should complete its internal review before any change takes place.

'I've already voted once to begin a process that would repeal the 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' law over time, giving the defense department time to do an internal review and ensure the law can be repealed consistent with the best standards of US Military readiness and I stand by that,' said Glenn Nye.

Scott Rigell said he believes that, 'We just have to make sure whatever action is taken leads to an even greater efficiency and more effectiveness for our military unit cohesion and those type of factors that keep the American people safe.'

Kenny Golden stated, 'One of the things you have to bring to the job is credibility. Both of the guys I'm running against are great guys but they don't have the experience to bring that credibility and that's the importance of having 31 years in the Navy.'

All three candidates will appear together in a debate tomorrow before the Virginia Beach Central Business District Association.

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