NEWPORT NEWS--Operation Homefront Hampton Roads needs youto join itsAdopt-A-Family Program this holiday season.

Family which areE1-E6, active duty, activated Guard or activated reserve with a deployed or wounded service member can registerthrough Friday.

Operation Homefront alreadyhas 50 families signed up, but only 20 have been adopted so far.

One of them is the Perez family. Amy Perez is a mother of five and the wife of a retired Army sergeant and wounded warrior.

'We've been worried about homelessness every month,'Perez says.

Operation Homefront is helping with their rent each month and has found a adoptive family for the holidays.

'There wouldn't be a Christmas, there wasn't going to be, Ipretty much told the kids,'she stated.

Perez says the kids are just happy to have their dad home and alive and the family is grateful for what they have and those who will be helping them out.

The program is limited due to funding constraints, sofamilies will be assigned to the adopting sponsors based on need.

To apply for the program or to adopt a family,send an email to orcontact Anita Fletcher for more information at 757-806-6150.

'We ask that they provide gifts for the children in the $30 to $50range,parents are optional and a giftcard for a holiday meal so they can have a good holiday meal. -$75 to $100, somewhere in that range, so they can go out and do their own shopping and prepare their own holiday meal,' said Fletcher.

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