PORTSMOUTH -- There will be new life for hundreds of acres in Portsmouth contaminated from an old shipyard.

The Environmental Protection Agency listed Paradise Creek as a national priority.

250 acres has been restored and plans are being made to turn some of that into a park.

'We have transformed one of the worst sites into a wildlife mecca right across from our park,' said Marjorie Jackson with the Elizabeth River Project.

Christine Turner has lived along the creek for 30 years.

She calls her street the best in Cradock except for the smell.

'At certain times, the wind brings it over here worse. It smells like something is dead all the time,' she said. 'A lot of people when they first move they ask what the smell is. I tell them that it's coming from over there.'

Officials say the smell is an issue but they work to resolve the problem.

They're making plans to turn 40 of those restored acres into the city's third largest park and a regional center for environmental education in 2012.

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