NORFOLK -- The GPS system that gets you from place to place may also get you in trouble.

Earlier this month, Newport News Police said they were forced to open fire during a traffic stop, killing the armed driver.

Officers were pulling him over for running a stop sign and driving with a GPS affixed to his windshield.

Police departments across the area are interpreting a state law forbidding obstructions in the windshield to include the ever-so-popular GPS device.

Offenders could face a $127 ticket, but Newport News Officer Skip Blanchard said drivers most often get a warning.

Also forbidden: the big soft dangling double dice and hanging air fresheners.

'I will tell people you can't have that because it obstructs your vision,' Blanchard said.

The law does not spell out where drivers should place their GPS units which seem designed for the windshield.

Blanchard suggests mounting GPS units to the dashboard.

'Position it so you don't have to take your eyes off the road,' Blanchard said.

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