MYRTLE BEACH, SC People stop and stare when Ari Pieniek walks his two dogs in a park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

It's not the dogs Blaze and Michael that are unusual, it's the goose that has joined them on their walk for nearly two years.

'They are friends and they like him,' said Pieniek.

He's named the goose Abe and considers him part of the family. Abe walks side by side with the dogs and, at the end of the walk, Abe even tries to get in the car with them.

A veterinarian explains this kind of bonding can happen but it's a bit unusual.

'It kinda works from both directions that the goose can imprint on the animal, the dog, and if they do not feel threatened by that dog or some specially as an adult then they can kinda lean toward gravitating toward that dog,' said Dr. John Coulter with Grand Strand Animal Hospital.

The dogs are protective of Abe, once going to his defense during one of the walks.

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