HAYES A Gloucester couple accused in the death of one of their children and abuse of another will remain in jail.

Brian Gore was in court Wednesday and asked for the court to appoint an attorney for him; his wife Shannon was not in court. However, both waived their right to a bond hearing.

A burglary investigation led authorities to their home in Waterview Mobile Home Park. That's when they say they found a young girl caged and starving and the remains of a child buried in their backyard.

Deputies said the girl was naked, covered in feces, and malnourished. She was in a crib that had been made into a cage with a piece of wood as a top.

The little girl is being treated at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters; the couple's one-month-old baby is in the care of Child Protective Services.

A court clerk says the murder charge against the Gores stems from 2007. In court documents, Brian Gore says their daughter child, confined in a modified crib, was born at home in December 2008. He also said she has Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy and that she'd never seen a doctor.

The Commonwealth's Attorney said Wednesday it appears that child was actually born in November 2004 but adds the investigation continues.

He also said the mummified remains from the shed were sent to the Medical Examiner's Office in Richmond. He said results of the autopsy will be released, but it wasn't clear how long that would take.

Meantime, there's been an outpouring of support for the two children. Donations can be made through Child Protective Services.

CHKD's child abuse program provides prosecution support and also therapy for all the children in the region who suffer abuse.

'We cannot raise money for specific children, but our child abuse and social work programs make certain that all children who suffer abuse receive everything that they need, financially, medically and psychologically, and the child-abuse program depends on donated funds to survive,' said spokesman Greg Raver-Lampman.

That number is 668-7070.

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