WILLIAMSBURG -- Pierce Hoover built his Eco Car to educate his son Nash on just how far you can go using the wattage of a single light bulb - 100 watts per hour. It's just like the bulbs that son Nash keeps forgetting to turn off in the Hoover home.

'I'll take that 100 watts, we'll build a little vehicle and we'll go across the country on that 100 watts we save every hour,' said Pierce Hoover.

Powered with lithium batteries and a computer charger/controller, the Eco Car has an electric motor built by Eco Speed in Oregon. Pierce and Nash hope to cruise across the country ending in Oregon sometime in August, all the while singing the praises of energy conservation.

'The cyclists look at us and say you guys are loafing. You don't have to peddle. Anybody in a car looks at us and says you guys are minimalists. But it's kind of a nice in between, because we are not working as hard as a bicyclist but we are getting some exercise,' added Hoover.

They will follow the Transamerica Bicycle Trail, covering 60-80 miles a day on 2400 watts of power each day - peddle power and motor power.

13-year old Nash wasn't sure about all this at first.

' At first I thought he may have lost it a little and did not get enough sleep that night. And now I have come to realize that yeah, this is important and we'll make a big difference,' said Nash.

This project green has a green message.

'The lesson is if you turn off your lights, it can make a big difference. And our motto is turn it off and change it out,' concluded Nash.

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