NEWPORT NEWS Two new traffic signals appear to be causing confusion among some drivers in Newport News.

The new signals are at two locations on Warwick Boulevard: Turlington Road and Wellesley Drive.

Orange flags warn drivers about the new traffic lights.

There's a solid green arrow, a flashing yellow arrow signaling for traffic to turn with caution, a solid yellow, and a red.

A city engineer say the flashing yellow traffic signal will reduce the time spent waiting to turn left, enhancing safety and reducing driver mistakes.

Driver Brenda Pollock likes the change.

'It was a long wait on that turn when nothing was coming, so that's a good idea.'

But some are concerned it may confuse some drivers.

'I don't think enough people understand what that flashing yellow means to make it safe in a 45 mile per hour zone,' said MaryAnn Mills.

And some don't feel it's a big deal.

'I understood it right away...If there's no traffic you can just go on through,' said Noah Clevinger. 'You just have to yield. I think everybody who goes through driving school knows that. I like it better than it was.'

The city plans to put traffic signals at two more intersections on Warwick Boulevard. As for the flashing yellow arrow, a city official says eventually, it will be up all over the city on left turn lanes.

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